Part 2

Advanced DLE Engine Control Operations.

This 5 days training Part 2 covers the complex Control Operations and Control Schedules of the LM6000DLE/LM2500+G4 gas turbine modules. A unique chapter explains in detail special control operations like: Ignition fuel control — start to core idle fuel control — special stage down alarms etc… All the instrumentation loops and important Core Alarms are explained in detail. The DLE Mapping Section is very detailed and also included is a “Workshop Troubleshooting”.

This new “Workshop” teaches how to find the root cause of operational problems that are covered in real life cases like: failed starts — special trips — stall events — acoustics — stage downs — flame out; etc… Part 2 is also based on the Woodward GAP structure but is independent of the Control Software Platform

For whom

  • l&C Technicians and Supervisors.
  • Operators and Operation managers.
  • Maintenance managers.
  • Project managers.
  • Plant managers.


  • Thoroughly understanding of the gas turbine equipment and its operation.
  • Familiarity with control system basics.
  • Training will be given in English language; therefore, a reasonable ability to read and understand spoken English is necessary.

Mapping Parameters

DLE Combustor

Combustor Mapping

DLE Combustor - LM6000PD

Agenda Part 2

Advanced DLE Engine Control Operations

Day 1

Module 1. Compressor Control.

  • Transient Operability control
  • Variable Geometry of the compressors
  • Variable Geometry Schedules
  • Instrumentation Schedules
  • Instrumentation Loops
  • Associated ALM/DM/STI/SD.
    (alarm-decel to min-step to idle- shutdown)

Module 2. DLE Combustor Control.

  • DLE principles — DLE Combustor
  • DLE Combustion Dynamics
  • DLE Fuel system
  • Combustor Instrumentation Loops
  • Flame Temp Control — Bleed — Windowing
  • Tflame Algorithm
  • Bleed schedules
  • Staging control
  • Associated ALM/DM/STI/SD

Day 2

Module 3. Turbine Control.

  • Turbine sensors & loops
  • Instrumentation Schedules
  • Thrust Balance Control
  • Associated ALM/DM/STI/SD

Module 4. Fuel Flow Control.

  • Control Requirements & Critical Inputs
  • Regulators – Limiters
  • Fuel Control GAP structure
  • Typical Baseload
  • Tflame to Fuel Flow
  • Ring Fuel Flow Demands
  • FMV control from core
  • GP Sensors
  • Ring Fuel Nozzle Scalars
  • LHV/SG
  • Associated ALM/DM/STI/SD

Day 3

Module 5. Control Operations.

  • BRNUL Upper Limit
  • ABC to AB stage down
  • Pilot Tflame Alarm
  • Acoustic Protection E-ABAL
  • Stall detection
  • Flame Detection
  • Start to Core Idle
  • Grid/Droop — Isoch Operation
  • Start—Stop

Day 4

Module 6. DLE Mapping.

  • DLE Mapping fundamentals
  • Operating modes
  • Window boundaries
  • Ring flame distribution
  • Blowout detection
  • Problem signatures & exercises
  • Control Schedules
  • Mapping output
  • How to make operational corrections
  • Combustor Operability Map

Day 5

Module 7. Workshop.

This module actually is a DLE Troubleshooting Class that covers about 10 different real live operational problems (cases).

The students learns how to find the root cause of the problem and how to correct them with the aid of datalogs — alarm lists — training materials — knowledge etc… supervised by the trainer.
Cases like: start-up problems, acoustic problems, stage down problems, flame out, stall events etc…

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