Gas and Dual Fuel DLE Combustor Mapping – Provider of Top DLE Specialists Worldwide.

Gas Turbine Startup Specialists on SAC/DLE Gas Turbines and Dual Fuel DLE Systems.

Complex Troubleshooting on Gas Turbine Controls, Packages and DLE System Issues.

Field Services Maintenance and Inspections.

Control System Retrofits/upgrades.

On Site or Office Based Training.

Condition Monitoring and Remote Support.

Improve Gas Turbine Package Availability and Reliability.

Performance Tests on Gas Turbine Packages.

Emissions Measurements on Gas Turbine Exhaust Gases.

Factory Acceptance Tests and Fett.

Improving Gas Turbine Package Availability & Reliability.

Load Rejection Testing – Offshore Power Plants and Utility to Island Mode Testing and Commissioning.

Island Mode Transient Testing and Commissioning.

National Grid Compliance Testing.

On Site Commissioning and Technical Project Managers

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